Julia Poole

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Vote for Change on Oct 20

Why vote for change?

We need an experienced teacher on the Board

Better support for students and teachers

Better spaces to work and play

Support for academic change

and assessment practices

More collaboration with city

and economic developers

“The district says the $8.5- million figure includes roughly $2.1 million to move 33 portables (at an estimated $65,000 each), $1.2 million for 11 new portables that are needed, and the remaining approximately $5 million is to be spent on maintenance.”


The request for the proposal of 39 building projects over the next 5 yrs. is ambitious but the $65M the gov’t has committed is not likely to enough funds to meet our needs in Surrey. “The updated five-year capital plan, approved at a Board of Education meeting on June 20, includes $977 million worth of new school spaces, land to build new schools, replacement projects and upgrades.” http://bit.ly/2PytHqQ 

What we need to build our future education

"To build a sustainable future in education we need to be 

building beyond capacity"

Surrey is the fastest growing city in BC. Our schools are overcrowded

We need more teachers to enlist as teachers on call

We need to address our diverse population of new immigrants

ESL , and special needs students

We need children to have more access to programs 

which include culture and arts

Teach citizenship and develop a future nation of proud Canadians

"Our budget for education should be growing not reducing ...

we are investing in the future of our nation"